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Frequently Asked Questions...
Can anyone use Total Venues?
Yes, you simply phone or email us with your enquiry along with your name, company and contact details
Do Total Venues charge for finding venues?
No, our service is completely FREE of charge to all our clients
If Total Venues is FREE how do you make money?
Due to the high number of bookings that we make we are able to negotiate commission with venues.  This does not mean that you pay more as we negotiate the best possible rates and pass these directly to our clients.
I have negotiated rates with hotels, can I still use Total Venues?
Yes, Total Venues will maintain any existing agreements with hotels and will save you time by checking availability and confirming to both you and the hotel.
What if I don't know which venue to book?
Total Venues uses an extensive market leading database that is constantly updated.  All we need is the location and we will provide you with a number of options to suit your budget.
Can I make changes or cancel my booking?
Yes, Total Venues do not make any charges for cancellations or changes to any booking as long as it is outside the venues cancellation policy.  We will inform you of all cancellation policies prior to booking and in writing once a booking has been confirmed.  These can be a late as 6pm on the day of arrival.
and most important...
Why should I use Total Venues?
We will save you time and money by searching for venues and negotiating the very best possible rates on your behalf.  We will then save you further time by confirming in writing to both you and the venue.  All this with just one phone call or email...

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 796 1133 or email us at enquiries@totalvenues.co.uk
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